AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA – April 1, 2018 – JPaulJones, LP, the developer of NoMO, is partnering with Austin with scheduled installations of NoMo in all local public restrooms and government-owned buildings

Austin, TX—Food capital of the world. It has Tex-Mex, Barbecue, and everything in between. People move to this great city for its food even if it comes with the cost of the discomfort when leaving the body. “With more people coming in and more gassy food being pooped out the methane levels have grown,” says Dr. Stin K. Odor. To keep Austin clean, the city has partnered with the innovative product NoMO to be installed in all government-owned buildings and public restrooms. NoMO scrubs the air around a toilet clean. It has already been placed in the capital and other big business to deal with the fat cats after eating at one of the many infamous Tex-Mex restaurants in the city. The spokesman, Mr. Pungent, for the Capitol building has commented that the smell of the building has improved so much that the local government is making NoMO installations required in every dwelling in Austin to make the city cleaner and clean up the environment.

The NOMO is a revolutionary product that kills bathroom odors. With its powerful motor and activated charcoal filter it scrubs the air instantaneously. The sleek design of the NOMO allows it to blend into any bathroom design. The malodorous smells from the bathrooms will no longer be an issue. With the partnership between the City of Austin and NoMO will lead to a cleaner and healthier living experience for all Austin residents.

JPaulJones™, based in Austin, Texas, USA, develops, manufactures and distributes innovative and functional products around the world. The company strives to identify needs of consumers and provide products to meet those needs. The company’s engineers and product designers create solutions and products with “Best in Class” functions and design, converting an idea into a commercially marketable product.

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