10 DIY Hacks for a Smelly Home

Say goodbye to a smelly home once and for all with these easy hacks!
There is nothing worse than coming back to a smelly home. NoMO brings you a list of 10 stink proof hacks you can better protect your nostrils from experiencing the terrible smells coming out of our homes.

1. Baking Soda

Forgotten food in the fridge is a terrible source of gross stenches that cause our homes to stink. Baking soda can be used in the fridge and in your home to eliminate all kinds of sources of stink. We call this our all-natural cleaner that will always leave your home clean and crisp. (13 Cleaning Hacks with Baking Soda )

2. Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets can be used for so much more than just doing laundry. Battle that stink with dryer sheets! Stuff dryer sheets into your closets and dresser drawers, air vents, even the back side of a fan is a prime spot to spread great smelling scents. (Awesome Hacks for Dryer Sheets you NEED to see)

3. Leftover Candles

Wax warmers are super useful for this hack. Make use of old and leftover candles by scrapping out the leftover wax you save money on expensive wax pods. This way you are getting the most out of your candles and coming home to a great smelling home.

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5. Fresh Plants

An easy fix for getting your home odor free is to purchase a few fresh indoor plants. Lavender, honeysuckle, mint and Plumeria are all fragrant options that can create a spring fresh aroma in your space, or choose an air purifying alternative for organic odor removal

6. Take action

The easiest and perhaps most enjoyable way to making your home smell delightful is to whip up a batch of baked goodies, brew a pot of coffee, or turn the a/c off and open a few windows. Although not a permanent fix, there’s nothing quite like nature to bring your mind and nose back to bliss. (15 Recipes That Will Make Your Home Smell Delicious!)

7. Simmer Pots

Simmer pots use foods and spices to create a nice aroma for your home. Choose from a variety of recipes to change up the scent and feel of your home or stick to basic boiling of cinnamon, roses or other easy to find items.

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9. Fabric Softener

Fabric softener can be used for much more than in the laundry room. Your home can have that recently washed scent by adding one capful of softener to two capfuls of water. Dilute with another cup or two of water in a spray bottle for a fresh room spray, or place inside your wax warmer to fill the room with a great smell.

10. Essential Oils

There are endless amounts of opportunity to use these oils to change the scent of your home. A diffuser outside, you can lay a few drops on an air filter, a cotton ball and place in the corner of rooms or to wipe down air vents, add water to a spray bottle and spray across all the fabric in your home. (Click for 21 Essential Oils that will change your life)

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