Tips and Tricks to Battle Bathroom Odor

Tips by NoMO

Bathrooms are gross and the thought of what germs are around that we can’t see can be intimidating. The more we avoid it the more it builds up, let’s face this together. Here are some tips and tricks to battle that bathroom odor.

For anyone with boys in the home, these hacks are especially useful.

Here are 10 ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and stinky-free.

1) Essential Oil Your Rolls

Place a few drops of essential oil inside of the toilet paper roll. It will make the bathroom smell nice whenever someone uses it.

Here is a great link for oils to use in your home:

2) The Wall Behind the Toilet

It’s a trap for urine splatter, stink, and musty odors! A spot that most of us forget to clean or just pretend it doesn’t exist so we don’t have to clean it. Give the wall and floor behind your toilet a good scrub. Just douse with some vinegar and go over it with an old rag.

Great article on cleaning painted walls without risking tarnishing the paint color over time. 

3) DIY Toilet Bombs

These both cleanse and deodorize your toilet, which is the smelliest part of your bathroom. Once its dissipated give it a flush or two and you will be in good shape. Don’t let those yellow rings build up on the waterline of the bowl! If you don’t have a toilet bomb then click the link below and see some of the Vinegar cleaning hacks we found.

(The Ultimate Vinegar Cleaning Hacks)

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4) Remove Your Toilet Seat

Not here trying to question anyones cleaning habits but how often have you removed your toilet seat and cleaned the scum buildup around the back of your toilet?  There are areas you just can’t get to that can trap odor and grime if you’re just wiping the top and around your toilet seat. Remove it once in a while and give it a good cleaning before reinstalling.

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5) DIY Odor-Absorbing Discs

Instead of buying ones that are filled with chemicals from the store you can create homemade odor absorbing discs from natural ingredients.

  • Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with spring water and essential oil together until it forms a paste.
  • Pour the mixture into mini cupcake tins or molds of similar size and let dry for 24 hours.
  • Place one in the bottom of your bathroom trash can and or in a small dish on your bathroom counter or behind the toilet.
  • Place the leftover ones in the freezer.

6) Vinegar in the Tank

Pour one cup of vinegar in your toilet tank and flush it through a few times to deodorize the toilet. Make sure the vinegar doesn’t sit in the tank for too long.


7) Check your Towels

Your towels can begin to smell like mildew. Especially if your bathroom is moist and the ventilation is never ideal. Be sure to switch out your hand rags as often as you can, it can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Drying your hands can easily become the dirtiest thing you do.

See More Tips on Cleaning Your Towels Here. 

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