Amazingly Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Tips by NoMO

NoMO was launched back on March 1, 2018, we aim to Eliminate Toilet Odors Instantly from the source. As part of our Commitment to Clean we bring you a list of Easy DIY Cleaning Hacks. These bathroom cleaning hacks help you get any bathroom  clean without spending anything but a small amount of time. Your bathroom will be cleaner than it’s ever been!

Check out what we found below!

1) Clean Exhaust Fans with Compressed Air Dusters

I absolutely need to try this trick. Get your exhaust fan clean with a can of air. It’s easier than trying to get your vacuum extensions up there!

Office Depot has great deals on these types of dusters!

2) Use Lemon to Cover Spots and Odors

Get rid of water spots on your chrome fixtures with lemon. Just rub it over the chrome and those spots will disappear! Lemon is great for getting rid of odors, actually.

If lemon doesn’t make the cut, try out this DIY “Before You Go” spray.

3) Use Your Toilet Bowl Brush the Right Way

Let your toilet bowl brush drip dry after each use by closing the seat on the handle. No more nasty water in the toilet brush holder! Speaking of the toilet bowl brush, you should definitely pour some disinfectant into the brush holder to minimize the germ factor. Brilliant!

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4) Clean Between Tiles with a Bleach Pen

Grout looking gross? Clean it with a bleach pen! It may be time-consuming, but it does the trick.

5) Clean Out the Bathtub Drain

Cleaning the bathtub drain is a nasty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Try this technique with pliers, a screwdriver, baking soda, and vinegar.

6) Polish Fixtures with Baby Oil

When your chrome fixtures look dull, polish them to a shine with baby oil. They’ll look like new!

7) Throw the Shower Curtain Liner in the Washing Machine

Struggling to get your shower curtain liner clean? You can put it in the washing machine! I had no idea and had been cleaning ours by hand for years. This will save so much time!


8) Use Vinegar to Clean the Shower Head

A baggie filled with white distilled vinegar is all you need to clear your shower head of that crusty stuff.

Need to clean the rest of the shower? Try this handy tool!


9) Make Your Sink Shine!

Get the stains out of your porcelain sink with Barkeeper’s Friend. That stuff works like magic!


10) Don’t Forget to Clean the Kid’s Toys!

How often do you remember to clean your kids’ bath toys? They need a regular cleaning with vinegar and warm water to keep germs at bay.


Bonus Tip: Eliminate Toilet Odors

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