NoMO Features and Benefits

Eliminate ALL your Toilet Odors

Your bathroom STINKS! NoMO Eliminates Toilet Odor INSTANTLY. Our motion activation insures NoMO begins to work the moment you wave your hand in front of your Unit. Keep reading for more NoMO Features.

To Eliminate Poo-Stink Try NoMO. Filter the Stink Away with the Most Powerful Air Purifier for your Toilet 


Olfactory nerves can become easily irritated by unpleasant smells. NoMO eliminates unwanted toilet odor. NoMO’s powerful motor gives it the suction power to remove all the malodorous air from your toilet bowl within its 3 minute cycle. Plenty of time for you to do your business and leave a great smelling bathroom behind.



Not all homes are created with equal spatial awareness. NoMO gives people the comfort they deserve in bathroom adjacent rooms. Regardless of where your bathroom is located nobody wants the next room to be stunk up from a smelly bathroom. NoMO is a great solution to smell when you have a bathroom next to a common room suck as the half bath in between your kitchen and living room. Imagine getting the family together for the holidays and letting grandpa wreak havoc on the toilet with everyone standing outside. Avoid that with NoMO. Eliminate the smell INSTANTLY while pop is still doing his business.


Roommates, married couples, siblings and families will all benefit from NoMO’s advanced technology. We have all had to share a bathroom with someone, walking into a smelly bathroom might be one of the worst situations to be stuck in. NoMO is ideal for all of the listed situations.

  • Recently married couple not yet comfortable leaving a smelly bathroom.
  • First date. Sometimes dinner doesn’t sit well and your date sleeps over.
  • Siblings can finally avoid racing to the bathroom.
  • Roommates can finally avoid entering a smelly bathroom in the mornings before work.
  • Medical problems can lead to uncomfortable bowel movements. NoMO Eliminates the WORST smells.


Eliminate Stink with NoMO: Guaranteed or your Money Back. Shop Here: 

Hosting an Event:

NoMO is ideal for those who like to host gatherings and parties. NoMo removes odor and situational awkwardness. Imagine hosting a holiday party and the crazy neighbor let’s loose on your guest bathroom next to the kitchen and living room. Without the NoMO you’re just asking for that stench to pour out into the common areas. As a party host you want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. Let NOMO help keep the common area smelling poop free.


NoMO removes toxins while purifying the air chemical free. When you use air fresheners and other spray bottles all you’re doing is masking the poo smell with chemicals. NoMO Filters the malodorous air and scrubs it clean before releasing the clean chemical free air back into your bathroom environment.

Eliminate Stink with NoMO: Guaranteed or your Money Back. Shop Here: 

Bonus Tip: Eliminate Toilet Odors

100% Effective Eliminating Bathroom Odor directly from your Toilet Bowl NoMO’s powerful motor draws 10 Cubic Feet of malodorous air per Minute (CFM), filters it through Complex Activated Charcoal (CAC) and returns odorless and chemical free air to your environment. Shop Here: Eliminate Toilet Odor