NoMO: Why Everyone Needs To Eliminate Poo Stink

Never Leave a Stinky Bathroom Again.

Your bathroom STINKS! NoMO Eliminates Toilet Odor INSTANTLY. Our motion activation insures NoMO begins to work the moment you wave your hand in front of your Unit. Keep reading for more NoMO Features.

To Eliminate Poo-Stink Try NoMO. Filter the Stink Away with the Most Powerful Air Purifier for your Toilet 

Date Night:

Imagine you meet someone, finally get the courage to ask them out then BAM you embarrass yourself at the end of the night because you had bubble guts. Picture this. You date is in the next room you lay a heater in the bathroom then 15 minutes later your date jumps up and uses the same bathroom. Theres no going back, do or die. Usually die. Should have gotten a NoMO, what can we say, we warned you.



You decide that THIS is the year you host the family for Christmas. Little did you know uncle Jack has been on some serious meds that turn a toilet into an uninhabitable environment. The bathroom he keeps using is right off the kitchen and dining room. It may be silent but it’s deadly! Without a NoMO your whole house will start to smell the moment that door opens. With NoMO that door never even had to be closed.


We’ve all been there. Some of us are still there. Roommate horror stories are the best and worst those college days. If you’re on the same schedule the morning shower switch is usually a deadly one. Nobody liked walking into a musky bathroom smelling like the trash dump. With NoMO you can sleep longer and take that second shower without the stink.

  • Recently married couple not yet comfortable leaving a smelly bathroom.
  • First date. Sometimes dinner doesn’t sit well and your date sleeps over.
  • Siblings can finally avoid racing to the bathroom.
  • Roommates can finally avoid entering a smelly bathroom in the mornings before work.
  • Medical problems can lead to uncomfortable bowel movements. NoMO Eliminates the WORST smells.


Eliminate Stink with NoMO: Guaranteed or your Money Back. Shop Here: 

Sprays DON’T Work:

Ever wonder how much money you spend a year to try and mask that poo smell? I bet if you added that up and compared it to the sale price of NoMO you wouldn’t have any issue throwing money at us. Masking the smell with chemicals is a poor attempt to hide what you did, you turn your stink into a raspberry cherry cinnamon poo that sometimes is even worse. Eliminate the odor through vacuum filtration rather than pile on flower scents at the high price of $14.99 per spray bottle that you buy once a month.

Eliminate Stink with NoMO: Guaranteed or your Money Back. Shop Here: 

Bonus Tip: Eliminate Toilet Odors

100% Effective Eliminating Bathroom Odor directly from your Toilet Bowl NoMO’s powerful motor draws 10 Cubic Feet of malodorous air per Minute (CFM), filters it through Complex Activated Charcoal (CAC) and returns odorless and chemical free air to your environment. Shop Here: Eliminate Toilet Odor