Simple Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Keeping your bathroom clean is like a relationship everyone has been through. At first, it’s beautiful and stress-free, but over time it starts to become ugly and turns into a huge burden on your shoulders. It’s no trade secret that keeping a clean bathroom is not an easy task, and not exactly what most people would call fun. No matter how hard you scrub and wipe, it seems like your bathroom never stays clean longer than a few days. However, there are a few precautionary measures you can take to keep your bathroom clean for much longer.

Prevent Mildew and Mold

Mildew is like that annoying friend you don’t want at your party, no matter how hard you try and keep them from showing up, they always find a way to your doorstep. Being that most normal people take hot showers, moisture build-up is a concern in any bathroom, no matter how clean you keep it. All that built up moisture leads to grime and mold around just about every fixture, which usually results in a good chunk of your weekend spent scrubbing your bathroom clean. Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent this from happening. Right before you take a hot shower, flip on your bathroom exhaust fan and watch the moisture slowly disappear. After your shower, keep the fan on for another 15-20 min to ensure all of the excess moisture is removed from the air. Plus, if you have the bathroom exhaust fan on while you are showering, it will be a lot harder for people to hear you sing.

Ditch the Bar Soap

At one time, bar soap was the go-to cleaner. In terms of use, it’s versatile, you can clean just your hands or your entire body with it. It comes in many different fun shapes and sizes, and above all, it smells great. But just like with most things, when there are good traits, there are always a few bad as well. While bar soap can clean your hands or body, wherever you set it down will become dirty in little to no time. The soap scum that is a result of bar soap can be just as hard to clean as mold or mildew. Do you really want another area to intensely scrub? Ditch that old school bar of soap in your shower or by your sink and pick up some liquid soap. Liquid soap is much easier to use and much easier to clean up after using it.

Clear Off Your Bathroom Counters

We’ve all walked into someone’s bathroom that has an abundance of items on the counter, so much so that you may not even notice that there’s a countertop underneath it all. By having less stuff on the counter, you can quickly wipe it off every week or so. The convenience itself will be a good enough reason to store your stuff away in your bathroom cabinets or drawers when you’re not using it.

Apply a Water Repellant to Your Shower Walls

Having a glass door shower is awesome. You don’t have to worry about the curtain matching the towels, or having to replace the shower liner once it starts getting gross. However, if you are not a fan of water spots or soap scum, it is recommended that you wipe down all of the glass in your shower. The good news is there’s an easy way to get out of going into full-on cleaning mode every time you shower. Simply apply a water repellent to your showers glass (after you clean them of course) and watch as the water beads up and trickles down the glass. What used to be a cleaning chore every time you finish a shower is now only limited to when you decide the bathroom needs a full on clean.

Keep Your Bathroom Fresh with NoMO

We all know what kind of smells can come out of the bathroom. Some are worse than others and some just don’t leave. While you can constantly spray various scents or light candles to try and mask the smell, at the end of the day they are always going to be there. Once a bathroom stinks, it is generally always perceived as dirty, no matter how recently you may have cleaned it. While some sprays may smell pretty, most of them don’t get rid of the scent, they more only temporarily mask it. However, if you have a NoMO on your toilet, you can easily neutralize those disgusting bathroom odors all with the wave of a hand. At the end of the day, the best air freshener is one that cleans out the air, not one that adds more odor to it.
While cleaning your bathroom is not everyone’s favorite chore, there are ways to take some of the burden off. Follow these easy tips, and cut down on your bathroom cleaning time so you can ditch those rubber gloves and enjoy your time at home.

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Seat Mount Installation

  1. Remove toilet seat
  2. Place NoMO inlet on toilet
  3. Place toilet seat over NoMO inlet & secure with mounting connectors
*ensure sensor is facing forward

Bowl Mount Installation

  1. Extend spring-loaded metal inlet
  2. Place on toilet bowl
  3. Relase inlet spring
*ensure sensor is facing forward

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I purchased two of your products for my house. They work amazingly well. I love the product and tell all my friends. I intend to buy two more units for the rest of the house.
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I was already worried about what our guests would think going into the bathroom, but with NoMO I know that the smell will be totally taken care of! Even I can go into the bathroom without holding my nose, and I have a very sensitive sense of smell.
Sharon N.   Austin, TX 

“Great product…”

This product works amazingly well. There is literally no odor left behind in the bathroom when using the NoMO. I completely disagree with a previous reviewer that mentioned it being hard to install. While I realize that everyone has a different skill level, if you can use a screwdriver, you will have no problems installing this. The cost seemed a little high at first, but once installed and I used it I realized that it is a bargain. It is very well made and I like the fact that it is cordless and the batteries are rechargeable. If you are considering the NoMO, I would not hesitate to buy it.
Kaiser   Salt Lake City, UT 

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Our household has tried other products attempting similar results in the past and none left me too impressed. NoMO was easy to install, easy to use, blends in with the bathroom, looks great and works very well. I’ll be ordering a second one for our second bathroom – very pleased with this purchase!!
Christina L. Dallas, TX 

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I ordered two NoMO’s for my office and everyone is loving it! No more embarrassing moments of running from the bathroom to my desk hoping nobody noticed it was me. NoMO keeps the air fresh and no more potpourri!
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I’m so happy to have this product! It is as good as advertised. Have placed an order for a second one!
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Fantastic product. I just got my second unit.
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This product has worked wonders! I got one for my roommate and now we share our bathroom in peace.
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“End result is no smell… awesome!”

My wife bought this and at first I thought, oh great another internet buy. I didnt think this would work at all. Turns out, I was wrong. It runs a little loud but I dont mind as it really isnt much louder than the bathroom fan which I use anyway. The end result is no smell… awesome!
Donny T.   Santa Fe, NM 

“NoMO is amazing”

NoMO is amazing – as soon as I wave my hand and stand the air smells fresh and clean. It’s a little noisy, so everybody knows it’s running, but the end result is worth the little embarrassment.
Taylor H.   Omaha, NE 

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NoMO has been a great addition to our home! After seeing all of the features on their website, I couldn’t resist the purchase. I was a little worried about the price, but it has been totally worth it.
Nicholas B.   Boulder, CO 

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Sometimes I have to wave my hand back and forth a few times, but once it gets going, it really works!
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I don’t have to hold my breath in the bathroom after my husband anymore. Thank you NoMO!
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Have had my unit for a month now and I haven’t had to recharge it once. Still going strong NoMO makers!
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Price was a little steep but I would buy another after using it a few times. I like the soft fan noise the motor makes so its not just dead silent while im in the bathroom. Luckily I got a good deal with the email sign up.
Jennifer L.   Garden Grove, CA 

“Made a big difference in my home”

Installation was way easier than I expected. Had never removed my toilet seat before but it was just unscrewing two easy screws on the back of the toilet. Got the nomo on in under two minutes. Haven’t looked back since, I love the product it’s made a big difference in my home with two roommates.
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I saw this on a Facebook ad couldn’t help but click and ended up purchasing. Shipping was great I received my purchase in three days and the shipping was free! Box was pretty cool and made it clear how installation was suppose to go down. Taking off my toilet seat was super easy I didn’t have any problems there. Then all you have to do is put down the holder plate and screw back on your toilet seat and charge the nomo. Says online that the charge lasts two months and it takes two hours to charge fully. Thats pretty cool, I didn’t like the idea of having to buy batteries all the time. Have used the product a few times already and everyone in the house has positive things to say about it. Makes the downstairs bathroom next to the living room everyones favorite bathroom to go in. At least my living room doesn’t stink! Would highly recommend the nomo to friends and family!
Karen D.   Naperville, IL 

Step 1

Remove toilet seat and place inlet over screw holes.

Step 2

Install inlet and reinstall toilet seat. Then, insert the filter into the housing lid.

Step 3

Wave hand for motion sensor activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

NoMO vacuums toiler air from its inlet located directly under the toilet seat, scrubs the air in its Complex AC Filtration system, and returns purified and odor-free air to the environment. You can both activate and deactivate NoMO using either touchless activation via its motion-detecting sensors, or through a manual button press.
NoMO has Touchless or Manual activation for both on and off states. Simply wave your hand in front of NoMO’s motion-activated sensor, and it will turn on for a two minute cycle, after which it will automatically turn off. If you would like to turn off NoMO earlier, simply wave your hand again to deactivate the cycle. In Manual mode, simply press the button on the front of your NoMO for the same results as touchless mode.
NoMO is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. It can operate for 2-4 months per charge with normal use.


The bowl mount makes NOMO compatible with any toilet. NoMO’s seat mount fits most standard toilets that have a removable seat and lid.
Yes! NoMO’s bowl mount simply clips onto the side of your toilet bowl. For the seat mount, all you have to do is remove the lid, place the NoMO inlet on the bowl aligning the mounting holes, and reinstall the seat lid on top of the inlet.
As long as NoMO is properly installed, neither the bowl mount or seat mount will damage your toilet.


In Manual mode, touch the Power button and NoMO will activate for a 2-minute cycle. Press the button again to end the cycle early. In TouchLess mode, slowly wave your hand in front of the sensor and NoMO will activate for a 2-minute cycle. Another hand wave will end the cycle early.
Yes! You can activate as many consecutive 2-minute cycles as you want.
NoMO turns off automatically at the end of its 2-minute cycle. Alternatively, you can either wave your hand in front of the sensor, or press the power button to end the cycle early.


A rechargeable lithium ion battery.
In Manual Mode, NoMO’s battery lasts 120-150 cycles, which for average use would be 45-60 days. In Touchless mode, the battery lasts 90-100 cycles, which for average use would be 30-45 days.
NoMO includes a UL Listed Battery Charger that will recharge the battery in approximately 1 hour.


Complex Activated Charcoal.
The NoMO filter is guaranteed for life (any necessary replacements will be provided free of charge + shipping & handling).
NoMO’s high quality ABS plastic wipes clean with traditional household cleaners.
NoMO’s electronic components are protected from splashes. However, NoMO should not be submerged in water.
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