EyeVac and NoMO: A Dynamic Cleaning Duo

Keeping a clean home is a must amongst many and if not then you probably aren’t fond of having guests over. If you are reading this, chances are you’re familiar with the NoMO bathroom deodorizer. But did you know that the makers of NoMO have also created another easy way to clean? Introducing the EyeVac Touchless Vacuum, an easy to clean your floors without getting your hands dirty. Ditch the floral sprays and dustpans because there’s a new cleaning duo in town. Here’s a few reasons the EyeVac and NoMO duo would be perfect for your home.

Cleaning Before Guests Arrive Will be a Breeze

Do you find yourself scrambling to clean up your home before any guests arrive? Many of us do, and for good reason. No one wants the title of “that person with the filthy house”. However, we totally understand that finding time to clean can be just as difficult as the actual cleaning process. So finding cleaning shortcuts are always a welcomed idea. That’s where the EyeVac and NoMO can save you some time. Quickly clean your floors by sweeping up to the EyeVac and have your bathroom smelling fresh by waving your hand in front of the NoMO. Before you know it, two of the most tedious chores are complete in just a few seconds. Good luck doing that with a dustpan and a can of cleaner.

This Combo Cleans More Than You Think

No matter how well you clean your home, chances are you will have dust floating in the air. While dust in your home is seemingly harmless, it can do a number on anyone’s sinuses. No matter how hard you clean, dust particles will still linger like an unwanted guest. Sure, you can buy expensive air purifiers to take on some of those particles floating around your home, but those come with a hefty price tag. Both the EyeVac and the NoMO come with built in air filters that will help send those pesky dust particles packing. Not only will you able to quickly clean your floors and freshen your bathroom, you will also be saving your sinuses.

Picking Up After Pets? No Problem!

If you are a pet owner, then you know how difficult it can be to keep a clean home. Whether its shedding, drool, or litter box odor – at times it may seem like it’s impossible to keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh. Unless you have a killer cleaning combo like the EyeVac and NoMO. With the EyeVac you can easily sweep up any shed hair or tracked-in dirt that your furry friend may grace upon your floors. On the other hand, if you keep your cats litter box in the bathroom, you can easily get rid of some of those lingering litter box smells with just a wave of your hand in front of the NoMO.

Start Cleaning Like the Decade You Live In

Most of us don’t enjoy cleaning because of one reason.. it’s hard work! Mainly because the tools we are using to clean were invented well before we were born. When it comes to cleaning floors or eliminating air odor, many of us have been doing the same thing for decades. While the time tested methods get the job done, they also require a lot of time and elbow grease. However, with the innovative technology found in the EyeVac and NoMO, you can clean your home just as effectively in half the time and effort. Give you cleaning tools a much needed upgrade and give this amazing cleaning combo a try.

They Blend Seamlessly Into Your Home

There’s nothing more unappealing to your home decor than seeing cleaning products out in plain sight. That’s why many of us keep them securely stored away under the kitchen sink. But what about cleaning appliances? They aren’t as easy to store away, and often don’t blend in with any of your home’s decor. Nothing screams country chic like a bulky vacuum complementing the rustic furniture. Unlike other cleaning appliances, the EyeVac and NoMO blend seamlessly into your home. The sleek design of the EyeVac fits in with nearly any decor style, and the low profile design of the NoMO will have guests thinking it came with the toilet. You worked hard to make your home as stylish as possible, don’t offset your decor with cleaning appliance eyesores.
In short, the NoMO and EyeVac cleaning combo would be a perfect compliment to anyone’s home. Treat your humble abode to the cutting edge cleaning it deserves, get an EyeVac and NoMO combo today!

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Seat Mount Installation

  1. Remove toilet seat
  2. Place NoMO inlet on toilet
  3. Place toilet seat over NoMO inlet & secure with mounting connectors
*ensure sensor is facing forward

Bowl Mount Installation

  1. Extend spring-loaded metal inlet
  2. Place on toilet bowl
  3. Relase inlet spring
*ensure sensor is facing forward

“NoMO works amazingly well”

I purchased two of your products for my house. They work amazingly well. I love the product and tell all my friends. I intend to buy two more units for the rest of the house.
Thomas Y.   Irvine, CA 

“I have 3 sons and NoMO has saved my bathroom…”

I was already worried about what our guests would think going into the bathroom, but with NoMO I know that the smell will be totally taken care of! Even I can go into the bathroom without holding my nose, and I have a very sensitive sense of smell.
Sharon N.   Austin, TX 

“Great product…”

This product works amazingly well. There is literally no odor left behind in the bathroom when using the NoMO. I completely disagree with a previous reviewer that mentioned it being hard to install. While I realize that everyone has a different skill level, if you can use a screwdriver, you will have no problems installing this. The cost seemed a little high at first, but once installed and I used it I realized that it is a bargain. It is very well made and I like the fact that it is cordless and the batteries are rechargeable. If you are considering the NoMO, I would not hesitate to buy it.
Kaiser   Salt Lake City, UT 

“Excellent product and was pleasantly surprised…”

Our household has tried other products attempting similar results in the past and none left me too impressed. NoMO was easy to install, easy to use, blends in with the bathroom, looks great and works very well. I’ll be ordering a second one for our second bathroom – very pleased with this purchase!!
Christina L. Dallas, TX 

“I highly recommend NoMO!”

I ordered two NoMO’s for my office and everyone is loving it! No more embarrassing moments of running from the bathroom to my desk hoping nobody noticed it was me. NoMO keeps the air fresh and no more potpourri!
Andrew C.   Boston, MA 

“I’m so happy to have this product”

I’m so happy to have this product! It is as good as advertised. Have placed an order for a second one!
Renna D.   Lincoln, NE 

“Five Stars”

Fantastic product. I just got my second unit.
K. Stock   Seattle, WA 

“Makes bathrooms bearable!”

This product has worked wonders! I got one for my roommate and now we share our bathroom in peace.
Riley H.   Austin, TX 

“End result is no smell… awesome!”

My wife bought this and at first I thought, oh great another internet buy. I didnt think this would work at all. Turns out, I was wrong. It runs a little loud but I dont mind as it really isnt much louder than the bathroom fan which I use anyway. The end result is no smell… awesome!
Donny T.   Santa Fe, NM 

“NoMO is amazing”

NoMO is amazing – as soon as I wave my hand and stand the air smells fresh and clean. It’s a little noisy, so everybody knows it’s running, but the end result is worth the little embarrassment.
Taylor H.   Omaha, NE 

“Couldn’t resist the purchase”

NoMO has been a great addition to our home! After seeing all of the features on their website, I couldn’t resist the purchase. I was a little worried about the price, but it has been totally worth it.
Nicholas B.   Boulder, CO 

“It really works!”

Sometimes I have to wave my hand back and forth a few times, but once it gets going, it really works!
Tina P.   Cincinnati, OH 

“Thank you NoMO!”

I don’t have to hold my breath in the bathroom after my husband anymore. Thank you NoMO!
Beth A.   Durham, NC 

“Love the NoMO so far”

Love the NoMO so far. Easter weekend the family will be here, time to put it to the test!
Nic A.   Lubbock, TX 

“Thanks NoMO!!!”

My apartment here in Brooklyn will never be the same. Thanks NoMO!!!
Coleen F.   New York, NY 

“Loyal customer over here”

Skeptical at first when I purchased. Installed it last week and LOVE IT had to come back and review it for the company to spread the word. Loyal customer over here!
Bruce S.   Reno, NV 

“Still going strong NoMO makers!”

Have had my unit for a month now and I haven’t had to recharge it once. Still going strong NoMO makers!
Trevor H.   Richmond, VA 

“This thing is great”

If I would afford to buy a NoMO for every toilet in the office I would, this thing is great I am really satisfied with my purchase. Installed the one for my house and love it. Not often I come back and review products I buy online but I had to spread the word for this new game changer.
Jordan J.   Austin, TX 

“Does what it says”

Really happy with my product. Does what they say and was shipped super quickly. Will eventually get another for the kids bathroom.
Doug M.   Tempe, AZ 

“I would buy another”

Price was a little steep but I would buy another after using it a few times. I like the soft fan noise the motor makes so its not just dead silent while im in the bathroom. Luckily I got a good deal with the email sign up.
Jennifer L.   Garden Grove, CA 

“Made a big difference in my home”

Installation was way easier than I expected. Had never removed my toilet seat before but it was just unscrewing two easy screws on the back of the toilet. Got the nomo on in under two minutes. Haven’t looked back since, I love the product it’s made a big difference in my home with two roommates.
Khiry Y.   Pembroke Pines, FL 

“Everyone has positive things to say”

I saw this on a Facebook ad couldn’t help but click and ended up purchasing. Shipping was great I received my purchase in three days and the shipping was free! Box was pretty cool and made it clear how installation was suppose to go down. Taking off my toilet seat was super easy I didn’t have any problems there. Then all you have to do is put down the holder plate and screw back on your toilet seat and charge the nomo. Says online that the charge lasts two months and it takes two hours to charge fully. Thats pretty cool, I didn’t like the idea of having to buy batteries all the time. Have used the product a few times already and everyone in the house has positive things to say about it. Makes the downstairs bathroom next to the living room everyones favorite bathroom to go in. At least my living room doesn’t stink! Would highly recommend the nomo to friends and family!
Karen D.   Naperville, IL 

Step 1

Remove toilet seat and place inlet over screw holes.

Step 2

Install inlet and reinstall toilet seat. Then, insert the filter into the housing lid.

Step 3

Wave hand for motion sensor activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

NoMO vacuums toiler air from its inlet located directly under the toilet seat, scrubs the air in its Complex AC Filtration system, and returns purified and odor-free air to the environment. You can both activate and deactivate NoMO using either touchless activation via its motion-detecting sensors, or through a manual button press.
NoMO has Touchless or Manual activation for both on and off states. Simply wave your hand in front of NoMO’s motion-activated sensor, and it will turn on for a two minute cycle, after which it will automatically turn off. If you would like to turn off NoMO earlier, simply wave your hand again to deactivate the cycle. In Manual mode, simply press the button on the front of your NoMO for the same results as touchless mode.
NoMO is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. It can operate for 2-4 months per charge with normal use.


The bowl mount makes NOMO compatible with any toilet. NoMO’s seat mount fits most standard toilets that have a removable seat and lid.
Yes! NoMO’s bowl mount simply clips onto the side of your toilet bowl. For the seat mount, all you have to do is remove the lid, place the NoMO inlet on the bowl aligning the mounting holes, and reinstall the seat lid on top of the inlet.
As long as NoMO is properly installed, neither the bowl mount or seat mount will damage your toilet.


In Manual mode, touch the Power button and NoMO will activate for a 2-minute cycle. Press the button again to end the cycle early. In TouchLess mode, slowly wave your hand in front of the sensor and NoMO will activate for a 2-minute cycle. Another hand wave will end the cycle early.
Yes! You can activate as many consecutive 2-minute cycles as you want.
NoMO turns off automatically at the end of its 2-minute cycle. Alternatively, you can either wave your hand in front of the sensor, or press the power button to end the cycle early.


A rechargeable lithium ion battery.
In Manual Mode, NoMO’s battery lasts 120-150 cycles, which for average use would be 45-60 days. In Touchless mode, the battery lasts 90-100 cycles, which for average use would be 30-45 days.
NoMO includes a UL Listed Battery Charger that will recharge the battery in approximately 1 hour.


Complex Activated Charcoal.
The NoMO filter is guaranteed for life (any necessary replacements will be provided free of charge + shipping & handling).
NoMO’s high quality ABS plastic wipes clean with traditional household cleaners.
NoMO’s electronic components are protected from splashes. However, NoMO should not be submerged in water.
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