(It Works, It Works, It Works!)

1. Touchless Activation

Simply wave your hand in front of NoMO’s motion-activated sensor to begin the process of stopping smells in their tracks!

2. The Inlet

NoMO’s inlet fits securely underneath the toilet seat, ensuring all of the malodorous air in the toilet bowl is within reach to be treated.

3. The Motor

NoMO comes with a powerful motor that gathers 10 cubic feet of air per minute, which guarantees that no malodorous air will escape from the NoMO filter!

4. The Filter

NoMO’s filter utilizes activated carbon, one of the most porous substances known to man. Activated carbon is made by treating charcoal with oxygen, creating millions of tiny pores. These pores create a massive surface area, allowing large amounts of gases to be absorbed.

5. Chemical Free Filtration

NoMO doesn’t just cover up the smell like other filters – its peerless design not only removes any undesirable odors, but actually returns clean air back into the environment.