Customer Testimonials

“Excellent product and was pleasantly surprised. Our household has tried other products attempting similar results in the past and none left me too impressed. This was easy to install, easy to use, blends in with the bathroom, looks great and works very well. I’ll be ordering a second one for our second bathroom – very pleased with this purchase!!”

– Christina Loeffler

“This product works amazingly well. There is literally no odor left behind in the bathroom when using the NoMO. While I realize that everyone has a different skill level, if you can use a screwdriver, you will have no problems installing this. The cost seemed a little high at first, but once installed and I used it I realized that it is a bargain. It is very well made and I like the fact that it is cordless and the batteries are rechargeable. If you are considering the NoMO, I would not hesitate to buy it.”

– Kaiser

“I ordered two NoMO’s for my office and everyone is loving it! No more embarrassing moments of running from the bathroom to my desk hoping nobody noticed it was me. NoMO keeps the air fresh and no more potpourri! I highly recommend NoMO!”

– Amazon Customer

I’m so happy to have this product! It is as good as advertised. Have placed an order for a second one.”

– Renna Todd Darby

Fantastic products. I just got my second unit.”

– K. Stock

“I am extremely happy with my NoMO. It was quick to ship, easy to install and performed exactly as I hoped for. I entertain a lot and this was so nice to have an odorless guest bathroom.”

– CTexan

“This product has worked wonders! I got one for my roommate and now we share our bathroom in peace. A must-have!”

– Riley Heldenfels